This question has came up to me and I have to understand this. What stops a player from making a alt account just to troll and flame and ruin other players games. As League being a FREE game people can make as many accounts as they can make e-mails ( which we all know is EASY). We have all had games where players FEED and they laugh about it. My most recent time we had a player that que'd for ADC but took Mundo and then fed all match. Now I have nothing with playing off Meta builds and champs, but when a player runs in 1v3 over and over that I have a issue with. But what good is perma ban when they can just make a new account and do it all over again. Also you have 4 players that are losing RANKED points if its a ranked game. (which mine was). Sure I've lost many games due to skill but lost a lot due to feeders....flamers..and just pure AFK players. So please..RIOT. We need a new system where players are not punished cause we get the trolls and toxic players on our team. We have no control over who we get que'd with and for players to lose ranked points due to another player feeding and ruining the game is just WRONG.
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