WTF is this community

It started ok, you know season 4 banter hella loads of bm in normals; but now its bm everywhere!. Then today i went into a ranked as yasuo vs a morde which pretty much meant i was q farming if at all possible and my master yi goes in against him once ive backed, dies and then calls me a noob. Like legit, man said noob. Then i kill morde and he says nothing. morde kills me again then i kill him. Then he goes bot and boom triple kill after like 30 pings. our mid is 1/5 at this point. jungler 0/4 and supp 0/5/4 and im sitting there 2/4 and my teams like 'Omg yasuo dont feed wtf' im just like are they really flaming me or is it a kappa? whatever, i say to enemy team 'report my team please they've been flaming me since start of game. Then this twitch on the enemy team is like 'your a noob you fed your lane...etc'. Wtf this is legit the first time ive ever come across these type of nerds. I cant even remember the last time i called someone a noob.

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