Riot has to do something immediately !

I've had enough of trollers and afk palyers which destroy matches because they suck at game and they want everyone else to lose.I think that Riot shoud make LP system that separates guy with 1/9/3 and the guy with 11/6/8 they did not play the same and they should not lose the same number of LP because It is not fair.I'm sure every one of you can remember match where you played great but you lost because you had premade bot lane with **1/7/0** {{champion:222}} and **0/5/1** {{champion:53}} in 12 min and then they went trolling and your perfect match turned into -20 LP after long fight that took 30-40 min ... I think That this is a serious problem that drives people to stop playing ranked games !? **_ !!!SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE!!!_**

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