The ban system is so bad it's not even funny

Hello, today I got a chat restriction for 10 games. I was restricted for these 3 games (no particular order): Game #1: I played Darius top lane. I wanted to play Vladimir, but my mid laner begged me to give him that champion because he was a "Vladimir main" (that was a lie). My team fed the entire game and as far as I remember Vladimir was the worst. At one points I had 4 out of 5 total kills in the team, but only 1 deaths out of total 19. I thanked him near the end of the game for letting me know that I should never give my champ to anyone because they are probably %%%%%%ed like him. He said at the end "end it" to the enemy team to which I responded "you can end it by hanging yourself". That is the only time ever that I said to somebody in League to kill himself. I've never even said "%%%". Game #2: I played Yasuo in top lane. My Kha'Zix troll picked jungle even though we already had Ekko jungle. Then, Ekko changed smite to teleport and went top lane. I told him nicely to go bot. When he refused, I insulted him with something like "idiot", nothing too bad. When he realized that he is bad at farming a that he can't take farm from a Yasuo he flashed under opponents turret and stood there. He did this 2 or 3 more times, right after he respawned and then he finally went to bot, but he intentionally fed there too. In this game I didn't even insult him that much, I was actually laughing. I told him that he is a %%%%%% or an idiot and similar things like 3-4 times, but nothing special. Game #3: This is the only game that kind of makes sense for getting me punished. I played Yasuo in mid lane vs a Yasuo main and I got ganked by enemy Lee Sin 4 times until the 6 minute mark. I am not over exaggerating he really ganked a lot of times. I said "f*** you" to him after the 4th gank I think. My ADC (Miss Fortune) started being toxic to me, and then I started being toxic to her as well. Same thing happened with my top laner (Darius). I was really nice to my jungler, even though his score was horrible, and to Blitzcrank. This is, in my opinion, ridiculous. I don't think what I said was that bad. Keep in mind, ALL of these games were not ranked games. They were normals. And the funniest thing is - none of the people in my games got banned. Not a single person from my Darius game, nor the Ekko who was intentionally feeding. I reported everybody who I felt was necessary. And guess what - nobody got banned, except me of course. I'm not expecting my restriction to be lifted, but I at least want this Ekko banned or my end-of-season rewards unlocked again, because I think this ban is really not necessary. I would like if a Riot member responded to me here, but I will send a support ticket regardless. Thank you in advance.
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