Riot take action but in the end the result has not changed.

I am s3 there's a lot of people in silver 3, So it's to be expected to meet a lot of different personalities, but although i would say 70% seem nice there's still a huge 30% i get 1-2 in almost every game and i have been in the same mind state, It's clear they have nothing better going on in their miserable lives but to think they have only LoL to play, a word of advice if the game gets to you so that when you talk like this "I troll." "Jungle or Troll." "Premade bot or troll." or " Okay we lose." and then ban some champs that are hardly played or are not strong in the meta i.e {{champion:83}} Just do something else other than play this game clearly it has lowered your mental state or your mental state cannot handle the amount of games you have played in the accumulated time. When i play solo more than 5 games i feel bad for it, you end up losing more especially if your division has an absurd amount of players in it so if your silver - g5 play as little games as possible 1-2 per day or just space them out throughout the day especially if your attitude gets salty. I just think what could i have done better with my day if you win 2 games and lose the next fundamentally all those games were a waste of time if you do that throughout the week that's a whole day wasted, so if you are feeling angry but stubborn just think of your life and do something else.
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