Diamond made me quit the game

I've been a 'hardstuck' diamond player of the past 3 years. This season I got 2 accounts to diamond 4 and the same thing happened on both of them, you climb and all of a sudden you lose a game and after that you get matched with people that are on a losing streak/tilted/flamers/boosted/bad. If you try to tell them to come and help they usually say that you're flaming which makes them even more tilted. I've been playing bottom lane for the past 4-5 years and I don't think I want to start jungle or top just to win a game. But to all new players ,if you want to climb and carry in general ,play top or jungle ,even mid works(rengar,camille,irelia,jax,kled,graves). I understand that adc is strong ,at least i know kai'sa scales really well but you can't scale when the game ends in 20 minutes cause of the whole map losing ,game after game ,after game ,after game. Whoever carries harder basically wins. I don't know if matchmaking is at fault here but I've been checking my teams and they were on losing streaks while most of the enemy team was on winstreaks. Winning never seemed harder ,at least from a bottom lane perspective. Thank Obama.
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