What not to say if you are losing a game

Ok I have had this over the last few years and its just starting to get to me, here are most of the quotes not to say if your team mate is losing his lane. **What not to say** "Why" "Stop feeding" "Report XXXXX" "Why feed?" "Noob" "Stop" "XXXX is so fed thank XXXX" General fire starters Why not say these things you ask? Because not only you are ridiculing a person who is having a bad game but by saying any of those things may create an intentional feeder for example: Leona has been slain Caitlyn: "Why feed" Leona: "please dont flame, this game is just isnt my game today" Caitlyn: "Idc stop feeding!" Leona: (leona is now ticked off because not only is he having a bad game but he has his team mate giving him a hard time so he wants this game to end as quickly as possible as well as punish Caitlyn for flaming at her, so she is going to intentionally feed to end the game and ultimately ruin Caitlyns game for revenge and satisfaction) This is a classic example of what happens when you decide to flame, there is a chance you can create that "feeder" you keep mentioning. Moral of the story is its best to keep the flame to yourself, maybe the use of "np" or "no worrys" will lift that guys spirits and increase his performance. Its better to have a positive attitude than a positive score -TheChosenOne TCO
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