Why do people think it's okay to grief at low elo?

I just played a game of ranked as Thresh, where my teams Akali basically lost us the game. The player multiple times told us that they didn't care, and they were just testing because this was "low elo". They also told us that they are a "grandmaster smurf", and they didn't care about the lp. The Akali died intentionally multiple times, and basically lost us the game. Thanks to Riots buggy system, I lost 22 LP, thus making me lose about 17 LP from 2 days ago, even though from these 2 days I have an over 50% winrate. My question is, why do people think it's okay to grief games, because it's "low elo"? To someone like me, who wants to improve at the game, it is just so damn sad to see that people disregard everything you say because of your rank, but you are unable to climb because smurfs come to intentionally ruin games.

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