People above D1 are the definiton of "unsportsmanlike players"

Heyho dear League-Friends, tl;dr Leagues toxic side of the community gets bigger and worse every passing Season... Thats Pretty much all this post is about. Im basicly Talking about 5 of my past SoloQ-games in which always atleast 1 Person flamed / inted / raged i just wanted to let out some of my frustration that has gathered inside me the past days. Before you might judge me, YES this might be somewhat of a Q_Q Thread, but NO im not gonna Rage because People were "sucking and running it down 24/7". To give you a brief context of what i am going through: Im Currently one of those "hardstuck d2´s", but in the past days i´ve tried to improve and actually managed to get a better understanding of the game. At the moment i always stomp my lane Opponent (as long as im not autofilled) and manage to carry most of my games. But in my past 5 games i´ve witnessed the most toxic side of League there is. Have a look yourself: I know i might not have played perfect in all the games i will mention, but it is insane what kind of teammates i got. The first game im gonna talk about is an Ezreal game from yesterday (28.08.19). By briefly looking at the stats everything might seem okay, Top lost, mid went even and only our Botlane was kinda fine. But ingame the Sylas and Leblanc were constantly flaming and raging about Pyke and me playing somewhat safe. From some point on our Renekton also decided to basicly start playing like a bot, respawning and running into 5 enemies, missplaying all his Combos and not saying a single word after. Whatever tho UNLUCKY. The second game i was playing Diana facing a Lux mid. The game started very nice, botlane kinda lost, i was able to kill my Opponent and the enemy jungler 2 or 3 times and my Toplaner was fine aswell. Then Rengar decided to constantly get hit by Lux ults doing his camps. He died over and over and over again, it didnt even matter that i pinged Lux going missing or even writing it in the Chat. Rengar basicly went full silence mode, refusing to communicate at all. + he started randomly ulting and engaging in 1v5 situations. Meh, happens i guess? But wait till you hear whats coming next. Lucian startedflaming Rengar and went on to intentionaly run into the enemy without defending himself. Well.. Nothing more to say there. Game number 2 LOST In the next Game i played Pantheon Top, got autofilled (my offrole would usually be ADC) and i basicly inted there. No srsly, i played horrible that game. But thats not the thing that bothers me. Our Yuumi basicly decided, that Syndra was a troll and refused to Play with her from Minute 1 on. Syndra was picked first in Champ Select btw. Yuumi refused to peel Syndra by any means which lead to many deaths on Syndra and Yuumi. Then there was our Kindred, who started with i believe 6 Kills and 1 death? Well... after Yuumi was done flaming Syndra for her pick, Kindred also went on the flame Train and played ChatBot with Yuumi instead of Focusing on the game. You guessed it, we also lost that game. The forth game was an intersting one again. I played Syndra midlane vs Ori, which is quite an annoying matchup, but i managed to pick up some kills on her with the enemy Kha and got quite ahead. Meanwhile our Botlane was constantly dieing, which is unfortunate, but the enemy Jungler visited their lane Pretty much everytime. The toplaner were also trading kills nonstop. Everything seemd fine, until Tristana decided that she is "out of the game HAHAH" when she was only 0/2. Hmmm, that got me thinking. I hit the mute button to mute her for a short time to not tilt myself. Lucky i did that cuz apparently she was rageing quite a bit. We still tried our best to win the game. But sadly, when it was time to Group, our Kha´Zix didnt actually want to do that. He constantly ran around circles in the enemy Jungle, ignoring the fact that a huge teamfight has started. Well.... the 13/5 Kha didnt want to win because of that "boosted ADC" as he called our botlane. Lets move on to the fifth and last game for today. I was playing Diana midlane vs a Pyke. (I had MR in runes because they had a very weird champ select) For those who dont know yet, Lane Pyke has been dead nerfed. The only thing he is usefull for is roaming. With enough Vision provided by me and enough pinging I thought that we already won the game. But certainly our botlane decided to constantly fight, ignoring the fact that they have been camped by not only Karth (enemy jungle) but also Pyke. They died many unneeded deaths. But here is where my Patience ended. They started pinging my TP, spamming it and spamming "XD X DX XD XD" in Chat. Ive pinged like a thousand times, that Pyke was roaming nonstop and wrote, that id go for platings instead of following him, but my teammates decided to teamup against the only one that managed to Play safe enough to get ahead of his Opponent. Even our Full AP Malphite Jungle (which i consider a trollpick btw) decided to pick on me and hop onto the Flametrain. How can this be, like actually? Ill stop Right here. I hope you got a brief look at what im going through Right now. Im actually frustrated, that SOOO many toxic People in "high elo" are allowed to flame however they want. Im not actually annoyed by the flame itself, but rather by the fact that the toxicity prevents me and everyone else from having a serious game, where everyone cares about Winning or loosing. The past 5 days ive encountered as many wintraders, actually inters and hardflaming Players as in whole Season 6. Whats your opinion on the league community, or lets specify, on the toxic side of the league community? Im sorry for all the rage in here…. But i hope you can somewhat understand. By the way i demoted to D2 again{{item:3070}} Greetings, Blue
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