Do you flame/rage make a negative experience for your teamates? You sure?

Hi, i´m an average player (high silver - Low Gold) that been plating since beta. I didn´t see myself as a flamer/rager but I did "talk back" to those ragers/flamers and in 98% of the cases it ended up a flamewar and i usually got a report or two in the end (probably well earned). And after bouncing around silver three this season i felt that negativity might had taken the better on me cause i found myself complaining of my teamates, so i took a few days just watching streamers (i can seriously recommend imaqtpie hes so docile, i watched his streams a whole night he lost everygame and was still happy and even sent a mysteryskin to an opponent). So i just decided oki im gonna try to be a qtpie myself, just trying to be that positive force and see where that takes me. And voila after that 70% winrate and even the losses doesn't really bother me, i had a terrible game as adc getting constantly ganked by 3-4 in the botlane ( as support said everyone in the opponent team ahd been bot atleast once). So i started off as 0-4 but instead of whine and get angry (which i know would have been my reaction a couple of weeks ago if mid and top keeps coming to my lane as adc), i just kept farming towards my goal and an excellent reksai helped me get back on my feet. We won the game and i even had a positive score in the end and with killstreaks, so instead of whining my only comment was "This reksai is OP!!" and he got a boost of that and kept dominating the other team. I know it might seem like a fairy tale but i would recommend you all to try it out i´m sure you´ll be as suprised as i was. See you on the field of battle.
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