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Hello my fellow summoners, today i've been permantly banned for just one game. Probably my best birthday gift but w/e... I thought interesting for you to know what gets you a permanent ban. So here is a commented log so you can imagine the Context. Some might think i'm lying because all toxic players do that etc etc but you have to know this is a Gold Division V game. Game 1 (listed to get later references) 1. xyleninja: last time i saw a ryze i was darius 2. xyleninja: and totally owned him 3. xyleninja: but firstblood 4. xyleninja: report lucian please 5. xyleninja: cant use heal when ashe is 1% hp and janna isnt shielded 6. xyleninja: k yasuo 7. xyleninja: time that i go mid 8. xyleninja: since u suck 9. xyleninja: dunno why are all my teammates retarded %%%%%%%%%%%%s 10. xyleninja: dumbshit adc's arrgoant %%%got midlaners, useless jungles weird toplaners 11. xyleninja: but why 12. xyleninja: ashe no flash 13. xyleninja: yeah go feed botlane wukong 14. xyleninja: watch 15. xyleninja: this 16. xyleninja: yasuo 17. xyleninja: doesnt matter yasuo is shit 18. xyleninja: dem throws 19. xyleninja: are u dumb 20. xyleninja: report my team please 21. xyleninja: dunno why they are so retarded 22. xyleninja: Told like 5 times that they are dumb for doing so 23. xyleninja: but nobody listens to the only one who got a brain 24. xyleninja: actually i should report my team for intentionally feeding 25. xyleninja: because thats what they do 26. xyleninja: i also u get cancer for dinner 27. xyleninja: wish* 28. xyleninja: heard its tasty 29. xyleninja: now tell me 30. xyleninja: that team isnt dumb That was the log, which everyone of us could say, it's worth a ban or restricted chat. But something else thought its worth permanent ban. I saw that day coming, but never guessed it would land on my bday xD. Whatever, even if im among the 0,006% players who get perma banned i feel like i couldnt care less. This game is known for it's "toxic ingame community", the punishment system is way to uneffective and the Hint:"Tribunal decreased bad behaviour or whatever" is tilting me everytime i read it since its the biggest lie i've seen so far in league. If you aren't like 90% of the community which says, i'm an idiot 12y/o kid, being mentally ill and stuff like my teammates and enemy team did, you want to know why i said this stuff, which seems "very" toxic ( trust me i've heard worse, passive and active). I've had many restricted chat games b4 until i had a 14 days ban last week to now where i got the perma ban. So you have to know that it's my nature to tilt players, which behave like idiots towards me. Let's come to the fun (or sad) part. I've listed the messages i had in the only game that got me the perma ban. quotes might not be 100% right but the sense is the same. @ 3 : Wukong *runs into enemy team and dies*: "Ashe no flash and heal" @ 4 : Classic tilt attempt after bad play: Lucian ADC can't use heal to kill enemy adc(2% hp) which has no flash nor heal, while janna shield is on cd, and then suddenly realizes that its best to go back in with 3% hp to get vollyshoted by ashe with janna shield on her. I must say that Lucian didnt say 1 word, probably a Bot, after i realized it e'ed into ashe way to often to get killed so easy. Or just bad dunno. @ 6: Arrogant midlaner -sarcasm- told me the **nicest **way to shut up -sarcasm off- @ 7: so i decided to go mid and help him out @ 8: as you can see i'm a reasonable person. @ 9&10: Without question an overreaction from my side, which refered to yasuo midlaner play (*let enemy ryze 1n1 me, which was very close and kept watchin*) Also some time passed and a 0/2 wukong jungle + weird fizz toplaner etc etc. @ 13: Wukong moved to botlane which would be a clear lose if he didnt read what i said. @ 14 - 16: on my way to botlane i watched yasuo and couldn't resist. A small summary, E'ed every minion while ryze just q e ult q w q e' him or something like that. @ 17: Wukong: "ult ready in 5 sec" *while getting attacked by 3 enemies which could be a fair 3v3 but it failed since yasuo was farmin minions just 10m away.* @ 18: 4 Enemies died because they went solo so i tilted them a lil bit. @ 19: My team thought they have to go for baron, but 3 other enemies were up again. Outcome clear. @ 26: refered to enemy teams tilting attempt, since they seemd so salty some sea creature would fit to their tears. Once again it was a ranked game. I wanted to win. So i muted most of them after i realized they were like they were. I'd like to hear your opinions, tilts, blames i'm welcome to hear it all. Since i'm open minded enough to not take everything on the internet serious.
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