I need to rant.

Two games in a row (normal draft) where TWO people just refused to play the game and have some fun. Game number 1: Ahri who keeps flaming anyone. Constant bitching really. Flaming renekton when he died ONCE and just kept going on and on about it. Really bringing the mood down while she herself wasn't playing good at all. Game number 2: A trist who has a bad laning phase and just decided to go AFK. Screwing the game for everyone. Before she decided to ruin the game for everyone she cosntantly said: "GG, Surrender,...."Of course we lost but the frustrating thing is, is that we had an awesome jungler with a good toplaner and a solid support, i was okay in mid but hey, i can press R (yasuo). We could have easily won the game but because of an immature player, i had to /ff against a team that I knew i could have beat 5v5. To those two: If you can't atleast shut up and play the game, don't play the game! You are not fit to play League of Legends because you can't even not be a dick for 20m-1h. You won't improve, you'll get punished at some point and all because you take LoL WAY too serious. Also, if you are emotionally unstable, don't play a game that requires focus and can bring a small level of stress. Play an mmorpg, play a wii U game, play ANY game that isn't competitive because you are too immature to do so. *Yes, i see the hypocricy considering i need to go on a forum and tell a bunch of strangers on how unfair and how mean other people are, but atleast I do it OUTSIDE the game and not during and destroy everyone's fun.*
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