I wish people will agree with me and people in Riot make their minds. Well i play League of Legends from 2009 and the banning system is really disrespectful for the whole community. Just think how many times you had trollers in your team and instead of banning them you got banned for flaming. I don't say that flaming shouldn't be punished but think of it , im 17 years old and i have never seen people who flame for no reason so instead of banning the flamers why don't you just see who's responsible for this? I've contacted with Riot but they said that feeding trolling isn't a reason for ban because people may have a bad day. Well i actually don't care if they have a bad day. The guy who might flame and get banned has also a bad day but guess what you ban him. I have seen thousand times (even in the new champion select) people who got support because of the autofill and went to other lanes. Why me or another player will have to leave champion select lose points and even get restricted for 20 minutes while the other guy who did this will not even receive a punishment? This is unreal like jeez. I just wanted to share this with other players even though i know that Riot will not give a sh*t about my opinnion. I wish that Riot will improve this idiot logic.
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