A conversation between me and rioters pease

Dear Riot/Rioters First of all i want you all to have a happy and nice new year even tho it's a little bit late. My account has been banned 4 months ago beacause of offensive community and flame,but i think am a different person now since i have played some games in another accounts and am honestly away from flame. By the way in my main account,i fall from plat1 to g4 so it was a little hard and painful for me to fall that 'low'because of my negative attitude and i ended up flaming.. I also realised that you are not allowed to flame bacause some others are 'weaker' in your opinion rather just play and tryhard on your own. Closing i would deeply appreciate it if you could give me a second and last chance and you will have my ward i will be a different person. My account called GR3G0RY and it is on euw server,please give me a second and last chance.
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