Permanent chat ban better option?

My suggestion is that you should do permanent chat ban and take permabans off from people , who are toxic or talking shit in game. Permanent chat ban would be so much better option than permaban because a lot of people have paid so much money and wasted so much time into this game and they will get banned permanently just for their words. So if you would get perma chat banned you would be unable to write anything at all in game and you would only communicate with pings that would be so so so much better than getting permaban from the game. Of course you would keep permabanning hackers (scripts etc.) and people who afk nearly every game but my point is that you should get rid of toxic people by permachat banning them. (I havn't got any permabans but it made me sad bacause my friend said a few "rude" words and got permabanned just like that... So... #PERMACHATBANFORLEAGUE Sorry for my poor english :p

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