What's wrong with people these days...

Hi there, Just minutes ago, I was playing a ranked game as Gankplank and unfortunately I wasn't doing very well. At some point when we started losing towers, the majority of the team except for one guy started cursing on me and blaming me for the upcoming loss. Of course, what I did was to mute them and report them at the end of the game. However, they still continued to be mean even after the game, especially one of them. Although, I reported them, I am not really sure if the system takes in consideration the after-game chat, so I took a few snaps and here they are. Also, I sent a support ticket and hopefully they will get some kind of punishment. Anyways, that was all I gotta say. Thanks for your time! Cheers! http://imgur.com/ERaLjUW http://imgur.com/phTrNXr http://imgur.com/fRfFnwO

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