I got permenent ban

Well i got permenent ban for flaming :/. I wanted to ask you riot if you can unban me i am just stupid i am have some private problem's and it's a little bit affecting me. My grandpa died 2 months ago and i was like really nervous since then,and there's work i need to work from 7am to 5pm and when i get back home my brother and sister were annoying me and when i start playing league like i just blow on that and i am really stupid because of it,so i found a hobby i started playing boxing and get rid of my emotion's there not on league,like when i come back from work i go straight to the gym and just practice so when i come home i feel relaxed.I'm sorry for writting this much i know half of people don't care why did i flame but i really feel better now and i invested so much time in league playing since season 3 i think and just wanted to ask you for this unban cus i wan't to play this game and have fun with friends and i promise i won't flame anymore i will be positive and support other player's,and if i flame just once if it happen's i will tell my teammate's to report me and i will tell you to perment ban me so please all I'm asking is for 1 more chance.Thank you for reading. CANCEL ADD A POLL
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