When playing ADC this really pisses me of

When people call me bad because i didn't do much damage. Literally picking ONE STAT and throwing it at my face as an argument as to why I'm bad. Completely ignoring what they did or what happened to make the stat the way it is. Let's forget that at times an adc gets focused by the jungler, the toplaner AND the midlaner. Let's forget the massive mechanical shitshows that the support that tilted the lane pressure towards the enemy. As an ADC, you need to do the most damage WHILE STAYING SAFE. If ADC's don't get peeled, are getting focused and have no support from anyone whatsoever, they can't do the maximum output because if they try to, they die. It especially bothers me because it's always the dumbass that has a kdr of 0.50 judging someone not so bad as him. I get it, it's children that say these things. Refusing to admit they did something wrong, putting their hands on the ears and yelling: i can't hear you. It's just not fun to lose a game and then get tossed insults because they are too immature and incapable to see what they did wrong.
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