Sensitive players at the game?

Its very rare to see but in my last game i had {{champion:76}} player who were sensitive and friendly unlike other players who're either non-comunicative and resistant or flaming.When game started he was playing jungle and our adc stolen his first buff, but he didn't flamed at our adc for doing that.As the game went he said "i feel very bad for dying at camp" and then i replied with "there's nothing to be sorry for i've done a much worse things in my life and should i feel bad now and let it overtake me or go forward?".Then our top,mid started flaming like "pls report this nida 0 gang ty" "pls go afk you suck" "sell your skin noob" on what he didn't said nothing back.In the case someone flame at me i repply back with "stfu, you like you never had a bad game hahahaah" "if you're so good then try going {{champion:92}} top vs {{champion:122}} its easy to blame" but this player after being flamed so much he went afk.On other hand i would not like for this player to be something what i call in my life "a worst kind of people" who're trying to feel sry for them and then "stab you in the back" like no one and i decided to report him for being afk because i hated very much in my life to deal with those kind of people who're acting nicely and when you don't expect they are hitting where hurts most.
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