14 Days suspension not a real punishment?

Hello, ive had post about my 14 Days suspension. but now that im thinking about its not a real punishment actually is it. i mean i cant play on my ''main'' for 2 weeks. but there is nothing that stops me from creating a new account and play again. isnt it better to just IP ban for 14 days? ( i dont know if it works this way ) but for example i connect to league servers and it says. ( player NegativeA has joined. with IP xxx.xxx.xxx PC Model ( random numbers ) <-- like this has a unique code or something for every pc / laptop there is. i think its better to ban that for 14 days so you cant create a new account and play on there. when is was Head Admin on Efreak the only thing i saw were IP adresses and locations they connected from. ( but not a unique code or something ) but this was mainly used by ''Sourcebans'' so it might work completly different for each game.

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