Please can someone advise as to why this chat log got me instantly permanently banned?

Hi all, I was recently sitting through a 2 week suspension. Completely deserved, I wasn't the nicest of people and I flamed my team mates. Sat through the chat restrictions and got whelped in the face with a 2 week suspension. It's cool, I'll wait it out and just be extra careful and remember to mute if I feel like I'm tilting. Anyway, I log in today to double check when my 2 week is up and I've noticed I'm now Permanently Banned? It reads 'Because a player-triggered review found your in-game comms extremely inflammatory and offensive, your account's been permanently suspended. You are among 0.006% of League players negative enough to be permanently banned. Other players judged your comms to be far below the standards of the League community.' So I'm like uh, okay...? Anyway, the chat log which got me permanently suspended is copied below: Game 1 Pre-Game AshGG: Please ping when your laner uses a flash. AshGG: So I can track them rather than playing blind. In-Game AshGG: guard my blue AshGG: yo are you serious AshGG: please can you guard AshGG: my %%%%ing blue buff AshGG: against a kha AshGG: ???????????????? AshGG: ok w/e AshGG: bot and mid are iron AshGG: k AshGG: cool bro AshGG: really looked like you was gonna AshGG: running straight to tower AshGG: pls ping flashes. AshGG: or my ganks are gonna be useless. AshGG: gonna full clear to bot, gank then drag AshGG: care AshGG: kha AshGG: coming AshGG: down AshGG: can you please start warding AshGG: why the %%%% AshGG: are bot here AshGG: and ours AshGG: aren't AshGG: lmao AshGG: looks like you're doing a good job pushing AshGG: even tho they have a tower down AshGG: im not tilted AshGG: aw do i not? AshGG: lmao AshGG: cute AshGG: i j ust choose wchih lanes i gank AshGG: and you have a 40% winrate AshGG: in silver 4 AshGG: so im not snowballing you AshGG: lol AshGG: oKaY AshGG: id ask for a refund AshGG: 100% AshGG: 'im boosting' AshGG: you have a vision score AshGG: of 1 AshGG: LMFAO AshGG: vision score 1 tristana AshGG: AHAHAHAHAHAHA AshGG: 40% winrate silver 4 AshGG: imagine AshGG: you cant even look up match histories AshGG: ahahahah AshGG: did you see it was a normal? AshGG: and did you see it was first time trolling with friends? AshGG: obv not AshGG: cuz blind AshGG: 1 vision score ingame AshGG: 1 vision score IRL AshGG: yep AshGG: i thought you had the jinx AshGG: hence why i came off her AshGG: correct AshGG: yo trist AshGG: instead of trying to tilt someone AshGG: why dont you actually l2p AshGG: ? AshGG: nop AshGG: your wiunrate AshGG: is literally AshGG: 41% AshGG: over 41 games AshGG: thasts enough to judge AshGG: lol goes 2-9-4 as a blitzcrank AshGG: and blitz AshGG: you have a 40.6% winrate AshGG: over 32 games on blitz AshGG: cute AshGG: uhm AshGG: cant i? AshGG: cute AshGG: cuuuute AshGG: ggwp AshGG: report Tristanas account, he's said 3 times it's not actually his and he's just boosting it for someone else. :) AshGG: easiest ban report ever. AshGG: nah i was on tilt until i realised that you have literally just gotten someone elses account banned. AshGG: lmao. AshGG: ? AshGG: yawn AshGG: 40% winrate silver 4 awkks AshGG: g2 thinks he's challenger AshGG: awks AshGG: my main is diamond 3 AshGG: 58% winrate AshGG: i mean AshGG: im just saying what you said AshGG: numbers and a division AshGG: yes yes AshGG: pls AshGG: also pls report tristana for admitting to boosting an account. AshGG: :) ------------------- Now, if the other players in this game's chat were also included, you would see I was getting trolled and purposly tilted by the Tristana, which triggered my response. He openly admitted to playing the account as he was boosting it for someone else. He defended the fact he had a 40% WR in Bronze by saying things like 'this isn't my account im boosting' which is where my replies came from. However, from the above chat log, I hardly feel that this warrants a permanent suspension and if there's something here that's extremely inflammatory then can someone point it out so when I'm playing other games I know not to say anything similar? Cheers.
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