Whats the point?

Hi there! Honest question. Whats the point of doing ur best in a role u get filled in( mid for now for example) and try ur best not feeding the enemy laner( happens to be a talon for example) ur just doing fine 2 death in 15 min so far not behind in cs be 5 2 4, calling mia every time he leaves mid than pushing the lane and follow him if possible. BUT EVEN THAN you seriusly try everything to keep him behind you killed him several times now he cant fight you anymore. SUPRISE SUPRISE FK YOU ANYWAY you botlane just died during the game 15 already and you press tab and see ur enemy laner have 6 kills while ur sitting on 2 d and the enemy jungle is 8 kills enemy adc 8 as well and ur sitting in mid while they are Rushing down ur tower as "WHAT THE %%%?". Whats the point? Why am i getting fking cripled while im doing my best in a role i didnt played for months and my bot is just outright selling the game. As 90% of the time. Why is having 13 d okay? Why they can keep doing the same %%%ing stupid sht and not get anything for it not even a slap on the wrist.

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