Banned coz of getting tiled of a flamer.

So today i played a game with a big face Tristana. Who got 3 kills in the first 5 minutes, but after died started to flame Sona, who left the game. Usually i mute these kind of guys, but this time i replied, coz this behaviour tilted me. I hate when someone blames the support, when has a score of 3 1 0. After a bit of time this player started to troll a lot, and killed me 2 times with brand ult, stickin right on me to get the passive exploding 2 times when she saw i had low hp. That also tilted me, and i said 1 or 2 rude words. Nothing more. Than she falsly accused me of afk, and i replied "your mother was afk". And at the finish of the game for this, i got 14 days ban, right after the finish. So i bet he was some riot admin or so. I dont know, and rly dont care. I'm not a violent person in chat, and 90% of my games i just mute everyone at first flame act, but now i wanted to stand for my right. And after a little trashtalk i got 14 days of ban. Just no comment. But when yesterday some guy cursed my whole family with die in cancer, and things like that, its totaly acceptable by riot admins. The system is fair. Thanks for ban. Ban more sportmanslike players, an let the rude one splay however they want to. So embrassing to see how admins act.{{summoner:13}}
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