"Fun Times" in CoOp Games with BotPlayers

So, last night a friend of mine and I, after we botched 2 games back on EuNE (1 Ranked and 1 Normal), I decided to come over my EuW account and play a vs AI game for the Daily Win and my friend tagged along. We queued up ... Lo and behold, 3 instalock players with silent chat. We feared the worse. And it came to pass ... 3 players that were most probably ... FarmBOTS. :/ {{summoner:31}} ... https://s9.postimg.org/r71vjrxvj/BOTSINCOOP_02.png Since my friend and I went bot lane, we left the others alone. LB and Renenkton went mid and somehow ... I think that even before the 15min mark Caseio had like 23 kills ... O_o ... We were wtf ... We thought about surrendering ... but then we said, no, we will win this and 50 mins later we did it. {{summoner:31}} Naturally, we reported them at the end of the game, but it will take time for any punishment (if they are confirmed to be farm bot accounts) to be meted out, since iirc those kind of punishments come out in waves. But nevertheless, I feel bad for the new players that meet up with those kind of accounts, as they don't have the experience (\*looks at his 673W-36L record ... then looks away\*) to deal with them (heck, if I was alone with 4 I wouldn't even be sure what to do (especially playing a Champion I am not so familiar with, like Ori in this instance)). I feel that whenever you report a person for Cheating or similar there should be a pop up coming up informing you that these kind of reports are done in waves after thorough investigations and also to not reveal details about what in the 3rd party software lead them to discover it. Cause I doubt people understand that about the 3rd party program punishments.
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