Questionable Perma ban

My ign: Clericon I get perma banned after a very questionable 14 day suspension, banned within the same day of my unban. Thought i would post the logs and get some feedback discussing my 'extremely inflammatory and offensive comms'. I felt this was unjust as i do not normally type in the chat but felt obliged to do so to prevent my team from getting the impression i was inting when it was simply a bad game for me. I was worried that getting reported unfairly for inting would get me perma banned and the automated system did just that. Game 1 Clericon: rip Clericon: dont come top until you can gank Clericon: get lv 6 Clericon: no need to force a losing fight Clericon: im gonna try and rush Trin but top is lost Clericon: so go gank other lanes Clericon: because its alrdy pushing Clericon: thats why Clericon: no one? Clericon: none of you Clericon: we losing t2 tower Clericon: and we are ok with it? Clericon: no Clericon: i rly didnt Clericon: lol Clericon: roam? Clericon: what am i suppoosed to do Clericon: i get 2/3 man top Clericon: I got 1 gank from ww and we had 3 top Clericon: i lose t1 Clericon: so idk Clericon: ? Clericon: hah Clericon: you are trolling Clericon: its ok Clericon: its clear you are inting Clericon: so we go next :) Clericon: i get camped top Clericon: and no one helps Clericon: so we lose all top Clericon: but you ran it down mid Clericon: xD Clericon: you clearly troll Clericon: big difference Clericon: fizz is inting now Clericon: gg Clericon: no Clericon: you are inting Clericon: ?? Clericon: if they wonna chase me so far Clericon: and suicie Clericon: its their fault Clericon: lol Clericon: nice Clericon: go next Clericon: you guys just toxic and fizz is inting :/ Clericon: yeaaah Clericon: toxic Clericon: i dont blame Clericon: i say you are inting Clericon: which you are.. Clericon: but Clericon: youa re. Clericon: you make it clear Clericon: how is that not inting? Clericon: you knew they were and you did it Clericon: knwoing you woulddie.. Clericon: for what? Clericon: @.@ Clericon: He ha sbeen flaming me all game Clericon: wtf Clericon: im not flaming.. Clericon: I pointed it out because he is! Clericon: like come on Clericon: so you report me for typing, just as fizz is... and becuase i die to their fed team? Clericon: sure Clericon: yea, Clericon: ez ur toxic Clericon: why x Clericon: dw, my team flaming me for it Clericon: xd Clericon: but i have a number more than theirs Clericon: = i get flamed Clericon: 'spam' = replying with logical reasoning to why i die Clericon: give an example of spam flame.. Clericon: But i didnt blame Clericon: i just said i die a lot cause i get camped Clericon: you flame because i die at all Clericon: .. Clericon: Look at what i even said Clericon: .. Clericon: You just generalising at this point, mute me if you dont want to hear what i have to say Clericon: its not toxic, just explaining Clericon: ok then i mute you Clericon: nami Clericon: ur flaming me Clericon: and ur being pasive about it Clericon: but its obvious Clericon: i muted you now Clericon: you will report me and they will see the logs, they can see you flame me Clericon: i cant get banned if im not toxic Clericon: and im not Clericon: i just type a lot Clericon: yeah :/ Clericon: i think based off of the non stop war in my tea Clericon: its not gonna get much better Clericon: peopel afk typing instead of fighting at this point Clericon: :/ Clericon: through steraks @.' Clericon: they decline the ff vote many times Clericon: just to flame Clericon: i rly dont get it Clericon: i muted nami but i get spammed that im toxic for replying to toxic Clericon: @>' I sent a ticket to riot but in their original response they refused to unban leaving this comment: Hello there, SpaceFlower here to assist you. I understand how frustrating it can be losing your account especially after investing valuable time and money into it. After going through several warnings and punishments your account has been permanently banned. We strive to encourage reform here at Riot Games, but we permanently remove players who continue to create negative experiences from our game. Even though I understand that sometimes other players behavior can get frustrating, retaliation is not an acceptable or justifiable behavior. Your chat logs contained comments that distracted your team rather than help it. A negative attitude doesn't necessarily mean certain rude words. It means stepping in a zone where all the other players in the match are negatively affected. I'd like to bring to your attention that toxicity is a loose term that many players think is just a system that catches on to your swearing, but it's a lot more complicated than that. You see - toxicity is negativity in all it's forms, from the early GG's and sarcastic congratulations, incessant whining in chat, harassment or just comments that distract rather than help, flame rather than aid, or telling people to report someone. Keep in mind that it isn't limited just to the things I mentioned here, but this is to give you a better idea of it. Additionally, you are responsible for the actions taken on your account, regardless of the context. We do not punish you for the actions of others, so we do not pardon your actions based on the actions of others. You are fully responsible for your own behavior in the game, as all other players are also responsible for their own actions. I'm afraid that the suspension that was applied is correct and we will not remove it under any circumstances. Sorry for the disappointment. ____________________________________________________________________ I felt this was inaccurate to my situation and asked for them to re-assess my ban, but i fear it will be final. Can anyone help to enlighten me on how this is justified as a perma ban and potentially help direct me in such a way to not be further punished if i make a new account, i really would like a direction to follow here that isn't generic that i feel this response was. All thought appreciated!
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