I get flamed due to my rank

Hello dear players, First, I will say that I have just played this game in 1 and a half year, so not for that long, so I haven't got any other rank before this. I have been in many normal games where I'm against and with platinum-diamond players, while I'm silver 1. The matchmaking isn't fair but I don't really care about it anymore. Sometimes I go against a platinum player in midlane... and I lose. But I also win. But this time I lose this lane. People in my team start to complain, "silver 1 scrub, you are silver lol you suck" while I have done the best I can as behind in the game. Even if I would have a "decent" score, like 1/2/2, I would get flamed on. Even if I play support, and I'm 3/1/4 {{champion:143}} , my midlane azir who is 0/8/0 flames me for being bad and silver 1 while he is plat. But who is _bad_ in this situation? Though I never flame my teammates for being bad, I get mad on these people. I have met people who are saying to me I'm better than/don't deserve silver, and actually people who are platinum players themselves. I can win and lose against higher elo players, depending on match up. With this post, I'm saying that don't judge someone by their elo :( Sorry for my bad englando if so. FeelsGoodMan
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