My worst experience in League of Legends + Message to all thie Players.

Hello... in the last 2 days, i had like the Worst time in league of legends! and i mean like literally the worst ever since i have start playing this game 2 years ago. What happened is, in the time when the Season 8 just started, i got placed in Silver ll, after i was Gold V last season, and i was so excited about that, because i will finally have the chance to climb from the first days of the season. and that what really happened, the season started, i played my placements games, got placed into Silver ll and start climbing day after day, winning games, losing others like every day in league of legends, and of course having some little bit of toxic player during my way into Gold IV right now! But in almost all of the last ranked games that i have played in the last 2 days, i had like at least 1 player who was **insanely toxic** , like i'm used to play with some toxic players, but not this kind of High level of toxicity, i normally never get tilted by these kind of players at all, and i don't even try to mute them, i just continue playing and ignore them, but also, read what they are saying in the team chat. Also, in of the games that i have lost, they were so winnable, like, there was no chance that we could lost any of these game.! except for the one and only thing that makes all the winnable games unwinnable, and destroy the fun of League of Legends, the **Toxicity** or Bad attitude as some players call it. i have here screen-shots of the results of after the game stats, and i will explain what happened under each one. and i swear to you guys, all the details i will write are exactly what happened ! For the first Game: What happened in that game is, our Jungler wasn't paying attention in Champ select, so he locked {{champion:28}} in the Jungle and went to do something or maybe just wasn't paying attention, and he forgot to take Smite and took Exhaust instead. at the moment when we entered the game, and i really mean like at the first 5 seconds, he said exactly "omg **** this" - "open mid" . like he didn't even try to give the game a chance, our Top laner Jax, talked to him and asked him to go AFK so we can remake, but he refused to, and he start playing with a gameplay that was obviously trolling, i was playing with Twitch and everyone knows how dangerous twitch can be late game, even without a jungler we had a pretty decent early game, and at the moment when we started regrouping and we needed every member of the team, the Evelyn player refused to regroup and decided to keep his KDA Average ( 2.0 ), and on top of that, he was insulting the top laner who was of-course insulting and flaming him as well, and with them focusing more on the Chat and on flaming each other than the Game, we lost it, when it was almost a free win. The Second Game: This didn't take too long as well to start turning from good to really really BAD, when starting from about minute 6:00 the {{champion:75}} start flaming each and everyone in the team, -The jungler for not ganking him, or just coming when the illaoui was gone, -The Mid for being so behind in cs and not pinging SS in his lane, and -The bot lane for just losing the lane. this game didn't get to the point where i would say that we could have a huge chance of turning it and winning, but it seems to me that Fiddlestick and Twitch gave up trying when the Nasus was hardly flaming everyone, and twitch said in the /all Chat, "this team doesn't deserve to win", and i really feel bad for him, because from his gameplay he seemed to be a pretty nice player and he didn't deserve to lose that game, and as for me, i wasn't doing my best game, but i tried to keep things good in the team and tried to make the team mute nasus, but it was just too hard to mute someone who plays bad and flames you at the same time. The 3th Game: The same situation in the 1st game happened in this one, our Top laner Trundle forgot to take TP and took Smite instead, and he also went with the wrong runes as he was saying, he got camped by the enemy jungler, and he got so so behind in the game ( like gave 4 kills in 8 minutes ) and the Rengar was really fed, for bot lane, it was pretty good, because we were winning the lane, but at some point, the Rengar start roaming and destroying every single one in the team, so we started regrouping and we managed to shut him down in more than an Occasion, and when everything was going good, Just like that, for somehow, Moragana remembered that she didn't flame Trundle earlier, and she started flaming him in the middle of the game and then the Sejuani got triggered as well and started flaming both Morgana and Trundle, and as always when this kind of toxic Chat start in your Team chat, you will lose the game. For the 4th and last game: This game was 101% Win, our early game was so perfect for every lane, but in the middle of the game, there was some misunderstand between me and Fiddlestick, when he went in on Caitlyn without previous ping, and i stayed behind to farm because there were a huge wave to farm and caitlyn was so much behind them, and then just like that he said "gl" , and then just like that, he left bot lane, sold his Support item and started going to each lane, and stealing the CS the thing that made everyone tilted, because mostly, every player won't like the support to come and destroy his cs and lane, so everyone started flaming him, but he just wouldn't stop, and because of the titlt that was on everyone, we started losing just like that... Some of you now start wondering, why am i telling you this?, well, the reason why im writing this Topic is to deliver a message to every League of legends player here who wants to get better in the game, and who wants to make this community a better place, and i would also say that some of you can take this as a Tip to climb faster, especially in low Elo, **Don't ever start flaming/ or respond to a flamer in your team mates** . Guys seriously, Flaming will never change anything, if the Player is playing bad, then he will keep playing bad until he start getting better with the time, and you flaming him will just make you lose the game and also risk you of getting BANNED, and losing your account with some pretty nice skins on it that you have spent money on, or just not being able to play with your friends until you start a new account and waist a lot of time trying to get back to level 30 and getting your Main champions again. and keep in mind that the moment when you start Flaming someone in your team, or respond with flaming to someone who start flaming you, then you have already increased your chances to lose the game to 95% when the game was definitely winnable, and that's exactly what happened to me ! it really feels bad to lose LP for some reason like this, Like imagine when you get that perfect early game and you start thinking " oh finally im in my Promos to Gold ", then suddenly someone start flaming someone else because he stole his Farm or took his blue or something, then things start going so fast and ended up someone insulting someone's family and they start trolling, and sadly for you, you end up losing the game that was already a won in your head. Anyways, thank you for reading this Guys, and remember, Flaming is like teemo's mushrooms with {{item:3151}} , the moment you step on it, you start slowly losing your HP and sometimes ended up dead! maybe muting your team isn't always the best option, maybe you should even try to make things calm and ask your team to chill out and mute each other so they can focus more on the game, and trust me, you will increase your chances of winning and climbing by a huge percentage. i know that probably most of you don't need to read this, but i really felt that i had to talk about it, at least if one player stopped flaming even with one little word his team8, then this topic already done something useful for the community of this game, so make sure to show it to your toxic friends if you have some, and let's all try to remove, or at least reduce this Virus from the summoner's Rift. Please Vote up ^ if you think that you find this topic useful or might be useful for some players, because i'm pretty sure, no one will like to have a toxic player in his team ! Thank you again for reading this, and have a great time in your Games.
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