chat restriction for 1 game in 3 years of playing(rant)

I play this game for 3 years on lets say 4 accounts and 2 servers i probably have over 20 k games all combined i never in my life said anything bad or negative to my teammate and never pressed yes on surrender vote i always wanted to be one of those "omg its him again this will be such a hard game to win" guys,when i feel super good i go to bot game and try to help new guys with builds adn everything but yesterday i had a really bad day and cause of those damn ip weeks(cause usually riot gives low ip so we would buy champs with rp) i played 20 + games and got tired and tilted and in fun game mode me and my friend picked akali,2 polish guys picked noc and 1 random guy picked ez,ez got picked somehow,and me and my friend went bot as premades but then that guy that picked ez didnt want to go mid and came with us following us,enemy had aurelion and they outscale 3 guys sharing exp and killed us when this 2 pl guys started flaming and insulting and writing report them in all chat,retards,kurwa etc,blamed us on picking ez,enemy then took their side cause my friend is level 16 he doesnt know better and they all said i will be reported,they called us names and stuff and i said fking morons and this %%% is following us,yeah i shouldnt said that but i was annoyed that 7 guys are picking on us,then toxic pinging started enemy is missing and we lost and i got 10 games restricted cause of it cause of 1 game in fun game mode,while i reported over 30 k trolls in rankeds,guys that wishes cancer,int feeders,script users over the years and stopped playing ranked completely cause of them and 0 of them got punished how is this fair?
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