Logged in after a year and banned

Get guys looking for hopefully a rioteer to take a look at this for me and your thoughts guys please Recently tried to log on to my account after around a year of a break from playing couldn't log in took me around 3 days for a response from support no problem i know they are very busy in that time I managed to log in to my old old email and get my account password changed and get back in to the account. Now I get a message player banned i nearly fell over i am shocked at this point as I have never even received a report that I know of in the whole time I played never even used all chat. I tried to find any reform cards i may have received nine there at all no chat logs in the log in screen basicly just a player banned message on the client.support say there is no chat logs available but they assure me there is no mistake.well my one and only argument is that this wasn't me whether I was hacked through a phishing link when I last logged on or some other kind of unauthorised access to my account. I have asked for some evidence of chat logs for !y own piece of mind in case it was a mistake of the system which has been know but they can't provide this at all ??? Guys what are your thoughts how can I move forward with this and how can riot help me! thanks in advance for reading this and let's try and work this out.
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