Playing FlexQ Solo,so im toxic yea...

I was bored so i decided to play some FlexQ,because i got placed in Silver 2 there,get to gold there too and get another free skin? Yes please! But the point is that i was in this game,started off at my blue,took a sip from my Energy drink,and at that moment enemies invade and burn 4 summs to kill me,unlucky me,but hey game just started,i came back from 0/1 to around 4/1 really fast,controlling the game,it seemed like a free win,but i tried shotcalling,only to be called toxic for it by these tilted premades who just diddnt know how to play the game,they kept on ignoring my pings for ganks,overstaying over and over again and getting killed etc. I was top,pinging my Voli to retreat with me,i stayed in the lane,3 ppl showed up and i ran away,he stayed and died 3v1 "Gg report Ww afk" wat? yea. Then people engage in 2v4 fights and die (not caught literally engaging,naut and irelia op? I tell them to stop doing it but they ignored me and never listened,i called for a 15min surrender saying we wont win this game because of the way they play (ban me for it,i was right),i tried my best but couldnt win the game because no matter what i did,they always found a way to die because of a dumb reason or a big mistake they did. End of the game,all of them in all chat saying to report me for flame,troll and afk! Whole enemy team says "ok we will" even tho i diddnt write anything,and if what i wrote was toxic and hurt their feelings,then its just funny. I will keep on being toxic,because if that was toxic,you can get key fragments by being toxic!
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