Perma Banned as 2º punnishment?

So I was chat restricted for 10 games around 3 months ago, I got even from honnor 1 to honnor 2 in through out those 3 months. Last 2 weeks i was toxic in chat, i admit, I was a little out of myself, but all i said was calling "low elo" and complain. Didnt insult anyone beisdes that nor whish them death or any desease. I was just negative to the point of flaming and not being that toxi. Still I got Permabanned for just 3 games i was like that? I know I deserve to get punnished but from 10 games chat restricted to perma, when my negative atittude was similar, seems to me too harsh. Also on the last game i played (which was today and i wasnt negative at all and that chat was not in my game logs reported) a guy said he would contact his friend at riot to permaban me... Did one riot employees really attented to his friends request and perma me like this or was this some kind of error from the system? Here's the chat logs: Game 1 In-Game CCamp: coward CCamp: ? CCamp: HELP ME CCamp: this try hard is amazing CCamp: you want me to try hard too then, ok CCamp: yes CCamp: rekt CCamp: rekt CCamp: cry more lee CCamp: yoiu are the kid crying CCamp: ahahaha CCamp: report lee all and he gets banned xD CCamp: dont need, just need to click a button CCamp: :) CCamp: lel CCamp: told you CCamp: ironic how you call me kid CCamp: LOL CCamp: you actually are ahahah CCamp: with a 37% win ratio ahah xD CCamp: ? CCamp: lol CCamp: guys srs if you report this kid lee he gets perma no doubt xD CCamp: you seem to have put a lot of effort intot that one CCamp: gg CCamp: rpeor tlee Game 2 In-Game CCamp: mb sorry CCamp: ward pl CCamp: srs? CCamp: so sad CCamp: this low elos CCamp: rekt CCamp: your try hard is just sad CCamp: i wasnt fighting lol CCamp: i didnt see them coming and i went back CCamp: yes fight 3on5... CCamp: rengo stop going solo! CCamp: report him all guys CCamp: boosted CCamp: coward CCamp: coming CCamp: lol? CCamp: i dided dude... CCamp: once again this troll rengar CCamp: we engaged CCamp: we didnt got caught CCamp: but where were you? CCamp: you pçlayed the whole game alone CCamp: shut up rengo CCamp: gj CCamp: ... CCamp: this blitz was out of the bush xD CCamp: when ww went baron CCamp: this is so sad Game 3 Pre-Game CCamp: i wanted panth :( In-Game CCamp: ryze CCamp: gratz, i didnt have smite... CCamp: ? CCamp: ? CCamp: 6-6-2 to 6-5-2 CCamp: i have no doubts who is better.. CCamp: gj kah CCamp: so goofd CCamp: nice flash CCamp: so much luck... CCamp: not the hp after CCamp: damn no wonder you are silver.. CCamp: you think you have skill xD CCamp: LOL CCamp: 4on1 CCamp: rekt CCamp: fk CCamp: gj you won CCamp: you have 3 d4 and one p3. we dont even have a diamond CCamp: so balanced CCamp: makes me wonder how bad can you be to be team up in a team of diamond vs a team of plats and golds.. I know i was toxic and I know I deserve to get punnished, of course. All I m saying is I just got a 10 chat restricted 3 months ago with the same kind of toxicity, passed from honnor lvl 1 to lvl2 in this 3 months and now that i lost myself in 3-4 games, I got permabanned. I just think its too harsh, could have been reformed with 15 day suspension, thats all.
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