Normal draft feels unplayable....

So, here is the game. On champ select there was no discussion beyond the german premade (mid/top) speaking some german...nothing wrong. Then we are in the game. The jungler is afk and only come back on minute 2 so...ofc he would use some help in the first camp....even beeing a Diana. I went there to help (I was supporting), and on the way my carry started to ping and flame me about staying on the lane (and fuck the jungler) then i reach the gromp and i leash it to diana. She just stays out of range whilst i go away from it to avoid to take any unnecesary damage (i was sona against a blitz in lane...i wanted to save as much health i could....then the gromp resets since i went too far and diana was static. Then Diana starts to rage on me and even tho i stay helping her and we kill the gromp (finally) she proceds to die against the enemy jungler...after a while i obviously i had to mute both of them but my mood was already it was 20 minutes of the enemy xin zhao snowballing with me having no fun at all....i didnt even want to support those guys... Am i the only one who is having this 24/7 on normal draft?
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