Think before you press [ENTER]

It is as easy as that, next time before you write a serious message to the enemy or your own team, think before you do it, think what you have written down before you press Enter No normal acting human will still press enter after they actually thought about what they just wrote down >I Hope your mother Dies of can#er - >You should just go and fu#kin kill yourself - >I hope your entire family will die in a car crash Do you really think, that you will leave the Rift Unpunished after writing such sentences, before you press ENTER and send something to the eyes of the other summoners, think about what you writen down, and if it is really acceptable behaviour, since i think before saying something, i have saved me from alot of troubles and future banns, didn't got punished for 3 years straight now. Maybe modifiy your sentence a bit >I Hope your mother will ground you, and take away your PC - >You should go and do something else please - >I hope your entire family will come too late to your birthday These kind of sentences will surely go unpunished by the community guidelines, and you were still able to blow off some steam, so THINK then WRITE, not the other direction, for the sake of other peoples feelings and your own account. Good night {{champion:427}}
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