give us an option to report people before the game starts

I just had a ranked game where our "adc" picked nunu with smite and trolled our game becouse we didnt ban kha(he wasnt even picked) He didnt feed(kind of hard to when you dont leave your own jungle) and he didnt say anything expect "all you had to do was ban kha",but he did say in the pregame lobby that he will troll.This isnt the first time this has happened to me and i am sure it happens to others as well So riot please give us an option to report the players in the pregame lobby and then leave so that we atleast loose les LP,or in the very least when deciding whether you will ban someone or not,take into consideration what they say in the pregame lobby. You really need to do something about trolls in this game,and no i am not talking about bad players who dont know how to properly play the game,i am talking about actual trolls who do eveyrthing they can to loose you the game
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