Riot HAS to develop a new system that spares playres from losing LP in certain cases.

So i was playing league having a good time. 4 game small winstreak was pretty cool. That win streak was over when i had a intentional feeding and also leaver draven adc. Flashing and healing into the enemy right after the spawn, dying 6 times within 10 minutes and then just leaving with the words "idc about you people". About 3 minutes later my pyke got tilted enough to leave aswell and both of them will NOT get a punishment except for maybe a leaverbuster. I am not upset about the loss i am upset about the way of loss. I was a top laner and i got cheesed lvl 2 that game wich was cool since i know how to deal with that, i played it safe and even managed to kill the enemy with patience and by trying my best to win the lane. I had no influence and no control whatswhoever and it is obvious that i cant control that. Now here is my point. Someone for the love of god tell me, why this game counts for me as a reasonable -21LP game? I will literally paypal 200€ to any person that thinks that they would deserve a loss like that. It basically was unlucky, i am sure everyone had a game like that. Why does it get judged tho? I dont ask for a complete +0 LP. Just do something against trolls man, take one week off from working on skins and please better the game for once.

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