Is ban for flaming justified?

Hello, I just had an encounter with the Riot Games punishing system and did I stumble upon some things that I deeply disagree with. Riot Support Specialist NotThatIronic told me that if I want to give Riot some feedback or discuss my point of view, I should do so here. So, without further ado... A few days ago I was calling an enemy fat as a joke (his summoner's name said he was fat, that's where the brilliant idea to make fun of him started) and also I used the word %%% a few times. At the same time I had some nice conversations with my team, complimented them on their plays here and there and got honored at the end of the game. That's why it really surprised me that after the game I got banned for 2 weeks. Now, don't get me wrong. Of course I understand that there is a punishment for using homophobic slurs. I am deeply ashamed of myself. (And consider it funny only a little now.) What really upsets me, though, is that I got banned instead of a chat restriction without any closer examination of the game and without the possibility of defending myself. I might be wrong, but calling someone names 4 times in an entire game doesn't really seem that much. I've definitely seen worse. Especially when my teammates were mostly talkative with me, we had a good time and I got honored after the game from one of them as well. That's why it baffles me that I got the tougher punishment just because I used the magic f word that marked me as a homophobe in the Riot Justice Machine. Regardless of it not being flame, just joking around, getting on with my teammates and 7 years of never being punished. It just doesn't feel very fair. But, as it goes, there is also a bigger picture. I hope this will be considered constructive criticism. Keep in mind that the wound is still bleeding. So... Why is there a ban for using chat the wrong way in the first place? If a player is abusing chat (even if he's telling you to kill yourself, get cancer, praises nazism or worse - critisizes your bad plays), just disconnect him from the chat. Because outside of chat, what harm can he do? Wake up his neighbours with his screaming, perhaps? I would understand banning someone from playing because they ruin the game with afk/int/troll, but for offending someone in a game where everyone is anonymous? Where, on top of all, you can mute anyone at any point? Riot has the tools to restrict the chat available so they could easily just stick with those. If you get restricted for 25/50/100 games after being reported, you are hardly gonna be any threat to the mental well-being of the poor people who get to play with you. I just don't find the logic of getting banned from playing caused by using chat. Perhaps it is because of young kids who play the game (like they don't know every bad word there is and more). In fact, banning could make matters even worse, because now, instead of playing League without using chat, I might create another account and call people %%%s all day long. (I won't. My second account isn't called vikinator2, so don't ban it. Please. I'm kidding.) So does more bans cause less slurs? I'm not very certain about that. What are your thoughts on this? I'll be glad for any reply. vikinator Rage Courier/Homophobe Specialist Former Example of the Best Behaviours

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