Get real

I get that flaming is commonplace here in League of Legends (and god bless the mute button), and people who troll, or go afk are also present. There are some who have shitty games and feed like they were the salvation army, but it's okay. We've all had those games when we feed like there's no tomorrow and we want to end world hunger. Here's my issue. Ask yourself this, and don't trust your gut response, but really think about it. How often do you get actual trolls, intentional feeders (but who actually int and not just have a really bad game) or go AFK? A lot of people don't realize that it's basic human psychology to remember bad things for much longer than the good ones. Don't believe me? Try to remember how many times you had someone on your team who carried out of his mind? Believe it or not, these games happen relatively frequently, regardless of elo. You probably won't rememer many, if any at all. I don't need to ask you to remember the bad stuff, or we'll be here till next Christmas listing them all. Mentality is one of the key things in our ranked climbs. It is just as vital as our decision making and our mechanical skill. Most pros will say it's the most vital of them all. So don't go into games expecting all hell to break lose. People will do stupid things, but if you react to them, you will only add to the fire. All of these people can be dealt with (other than the afk-er, but more on that in a moment). 99% of feeders in your games are on an all out tilt. _They're not inting, they're not trolling. They're having a shitty game, and calling them out on it, yelling and raging won't make them play better._ We all had shitty games. We were all yelled at some point. And I know, just as you know, that did not make any of us play better. If anything, we played worse. So don't be negative to that person. There are various ways of dealing with that situation properly, and none of them involve raging. You can camp/roam to your fed lanes and make up for the losing one, or you can ask your fed lanes and jungler to gank the one that's losing. _A four man dive shuts down anyone._ 99% of trolls/intentional feeders do it as an imature response to toxcisity. _Less toxic = less trolls/ints_. You won't remove them completely, because some people are simply infantile, but you won't cause any of them either. Finally, keep in mind that _actual trolls, ints and afk-ers are not in all your games, even though it feels like it_. Sometimes they will cause you to lose games. Especailly when they go afk. But what you should also keep in mind is that a League of Legends ranked season lasts a whole year. What is one game compared to all the games you will play. You'll lose some to trolls, ints and afks, but on the grand scale, these games will not have any impact on your climb. **If you deserve to go up, if you are skilled enough, I promise you, you will climb and get to where you deserve to be. ** Thank you for sticking with me. I hope you are having happy holidays, and I wish you the best of luck. See you out on the Rift! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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