My Last Words

I have been a faithful player of this game since 2011. I played this game and saw its ups and downs, its visionary mechanics and unique champions. I lived them all and I always enjoyed and looked forward to play a match as soon as I had some free time. That was until 2 days ago when I received my permaban. First things first, I realise I flamed. But before anyone skips to conclusions, I flamed to defend myself. And I flamed for the first time since months ago. I always strived to be as friendly as possible and keep the flaming levels to a minimum, I never blamed anyone and I never was rude towards teammate and enemy alike. So here's what happened. This guy we where together with in lane, constantly trolled by dying on purpose and blamed me together with his premade, who had a similar attitude. They had been AFK for at least 5 minutes since the game started and simpyl decided to give up and troll. I tolerated that behavior at first, but it was a rough day for me and I eventually gave in. I became sarcastic, insulting, and a tad swearing. I admit it, it was wrong of me. But it was only the first game in a long while I did this. And Riot immediately permabanned me. One game after months where I flamed, was the end of my account. Yes, I was worth a punishment. But a permaban? Was I worth such a punishment after one game of flame only? While there are still people that wish cancer to their teammates and slip by unnoticed? Riot, you blew this one up. From the point of allowing every troll and flamer to slip by unnoticed, you now punish with permabans any player you consider toxic simply because he got 2 reports in one game. I had enough. The games quality is at its lowest point. Toxic players walk freely once more like the old days and you people punish the wrong people with harsh punishments. I unistalled the game and give up on it. It's a shame, to replace my once favourite MOBA with DOTA 2 like I plan to do. And I will warn any potential future LOL players to stay away from this game. You created a game where you must not communicate at all with your teammates to be considered safe and escape punishment. It was fun while it lasted. Now it's the filth of the MOBA genre. If more people give up on the game, don't be surprised. Goodbye LoL and my beloved community. Happy bans for everyone.
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