Ty guys rly

It feels bad to be a good person and help everyone get 2 aug mission done,everyone but myself. I had 4 premades which were on 2 aug mission and i was on 3 aug mission.I carried their asses with Malphite after 5 games of trying.Three of them left after they got what they wanted even they said they gona help me next game.They could have played at least one game with 3 augs (5 loses) its the less amount of time wasted then 5 loses in a row.They would have lost nothing.After they recieved their reward by getting carried they just left me to struggle solo last hour. Are you guys happy that you got 2 aug mission done? Im happy for ya,i just lost hope in humanity.I know its just a game but i gave everything to get you there and yet this is how you repay me.People are so selfih. I have learned the lesson.I would never again be this kind of polite.

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