Permanently banned but why

Okay, so i got permanently banned this morning, it was because of the ranked game from yesterday, our garen in that game was litterally feeding because me and my friend were flsming while we didn’t before.. so we said things like pls stop garen or report. After that he said more flame more int. Now i’m permanently banned but i don’t think it’s worth it one game, and it was only this game i flamen a bit while my previou chatbans were way worse so i don’t think it really worth the ban. I spent money on league and i got pulsefire ezreal, i find this very sad that i’m banned because what i said wasn’t really that bad compairing to that garen. I hope u think about this and hopefully unban me, because i’m kinda sad right now that i was so far and now i’m banned, i didnt expect this. Greets, Cedrik Ign: CedLyf EUW
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