why the "permaban" policy might be damaging to the community

i had a question for the riot supports, they could not give me an answer but suggested that i might post my questions on the boards instead as rioters regularly visit these discussions. so there ya' go. Narkotikas May 26, 8:16 PM PDT about a month and a half ago or so, my league of legends account was permanently suspended for griefing. at first i was really annoyed, angry and frustrated with myself, but nowadays it doesnt really affect me anymore. i wrote to you guys trying to get one last chance. you refused to cooperate and i refused to take no for an answer and accept reality. im sorry if you guys felt like i was being annoying, but honestly i think your communication towards me could've been better aswell. that being said.. after not playing league for a good long while now, i feel that league of legends finally has run its natural course for me. i enjoyed this game alot and i had alot of fun with it and met alot of great people though it the last many years. but after the permaban i realized that i can no longer stand by the terms of service in this game. i dont at all like the fact that riot games has 100% ownership of my accounts and can choose to permanently terminate any account with no reason what so ever. i know your terms of service are carefully constructed and written by lawyers as to avoid certain problems, but from a players perspective its kinda crazy if you read it through. i know you dont go around permabanning accounts without a good reason, but just the fact that you technically can erase anybodys account wich people has often put alot of time and possibly hard earned money into, without any trial, personal review or appeal, or even any reason at all is just flat out tyrani from a consumers perspective. my point is this: lol is probably in the top 3 of most toxic gaming communities in the world. and league is also one of only games who has a permaban policy like this. i'd argue that this permaban policy is a big part of why leagues community is so toxic. it alienates small time offenders from the game, and breeds even more toxic players by permanently banning the only accounts they really care about, the ones they've put alot of blood sweat and tears, aswell as hard earned money and precious time, leaving them with no chance whatsoever to reform beyond this point. leading many to set up new accounts wich they dont care for, and since its so easy to create a new account, people wont reform as there is nothing be gained from this since the only account they cared enough for to actually cange is gone forever. in reality this policy creates 10 times more toxicity than it prevents. dont you see? if instead of a permanent suspension you changed the penalties to: - 10 games chat restriction. - 25 games chat restriction - 2 week suspension - 4 week suspension - 3 month suspension - 6 month suspension - 1 year suspension and alternatively, you could ban people from playing ranked or something. dont you think people would actually be much more willing to reform? instead of having people either leave the game or create new accounts they dont have the personal attachment to, and never really reforming because they dont care enough for thier secondary accounts. i know for myself if i had a 6 month ban i would have a good long time to think about my actions, and a long wait for my account to be unbanned would be so much more worth it to actually reform. than to just get a permaban and leave a otherwise enjoyable game because you dont want to start all over again after 3+ years of building you personal account. i know you are one of the biggest videogame companies in the world, and you probably dont feel like you have to change anything. but i just think that your permaban policy is outdated and damaging, and your game would be much better of without it. dont you think? does this make any sense to you? because i think a majority of players would agree with me. idk why im even taking my personal time to write to you anymore, since im not playing your game anymore and have no interrest in doing so. but i guess im just kinda curious if you are ever gonna change this policy in the future? or if you are aware of any discussions or ideas rolling around the riot offices like this? now i know that the majority of leagues community agrees that toxicity should be punished. but do we all agree that a permanent suspension is actually the right punishment? especially since "toxicity" is kinda dancing on the razors edge of what toxic actually means, seems also its a blurred line of what toxicity means and that the small time offenders gets punished equally to the hardcore racist's, inters, cheaters etc. especially taking into consideration that this is all carried out by a instant feedback system or AI. i've tried asking these kinds of questions on these boards before, and often i am met by so called "honorable" players who only comes to the player behavior boards to poke and tease the permabanned people writing here. insisting that i am some super butthurt, triggered and salty snowflake soyboy who only speaks well and acts nice because i got a permaban. as i said im not even playing this game anymore, so i have no personal stake in this. but after playing this game for 3+ years i am just genuinely curious as to what other people think about this terms of service. if that makes it easier for you to understand. so hopefully we can go past that. thank you. i'll leave a poll below so you can admit your opinion, and we'll see whether the community agrees or not. 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