Riots banned my account permanent for nothing

Riot marons banned my account parmanent for nothing! I was playing League of Legands and one day Riot banned my account permanatly for beeing toxic. But I put really much money into my league account and I wasnt really toxic. I was just telling trolling noobs how bad they are. This is not beeing toxic! You understand? My team was basically mentally every time. And I had trolls every other game. I also put really much money into my Riot account and so I want Riot to unban me or I gonne tell my father to sue you!!! My father is a police men and he can take lots of money of you. So you need to unban my account if you dont want that to happen. I suggest that you unban my account in the next few days or my father gonna sue you. And this will not end really good for you that I tell you. This is not funny or not a joke Riot. You cant ban other players accounts!!
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