How does Riot punish 'role stealers'

I just played a game where the person who was designated support opened up with 'I adc', and locked in Vayne since our adc was last pick. This obviously caused an issue in champ select, and ends up with us having a Vayne adc (not his role) who intentionally feeds because people are 'taking his farm' and a 'troll' warwick support who is clearly just very tilted about having his role taken from him, and the Vayne tries to rally the enemy team in chat to report the warwick for trolling, even though the main offender is the vayne themselves. Obviously, we had lost before the game had even got underway, and its so infuriating when you're trying to climb that this kind of toxicity exists, and that normal players are punished, simply for being unlucky enough to end up in the same queue as this player. The player in question didnt even seem to care about the fact that we'd lose, or that they were getting reported, so why question is what are riot actually doing to tackle this, because the 'offenders' are clearly not bothered about the consequences and just continue to ruin games for people. I can't stand playing with this kind of person, so why should we suffer for their toxicity?
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