Abusing the report system

I just played with a player who just reported me because he didn't like me. It also didn't help that my adc was wanting to report me for playing more selfishly (more farming and ksing) but as she was behind and I was Nasus jungle I wanted stack quickly so I could hard dive their backline late game. Nonetheless it made me kind of mad that players had the ability to abuse the report function. I know in csgo, kicking players from the game too much can lead to a time out. If league had a system like this where too many reports (proven flase) were sent, then they would get a report-restriction (like chat-restriction). This would discourage this behaviour and atleast I would feel less tilted knowing people will abuse this report system less. I also thought of being able to report someone for abusing the report system. It could work by reading chat logs and analysing the game but since Riot doesn't really do this (as far as I know) this would not work and be easily abused. Any opinions on this? I would like to hear your side and I would love to see this be noticed by Riot.
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