Oi how come I got perma'd

I said the n word even tho some fellow African american gave me a pass, how is that bannable? isn't that why n word passes exist? Thank you Riot, a big smooch, would like to get my account back, my dad is a Microsoft worker!!! Chat logs: GONZ0:  GONZ0: sit GONZ0: how you stated facts GONZ0: ? GONZ0: still GONZ0: you could've left GONZ0: %%% GONZ0: kiss your sister GONZ0: you are so triggeres GONZ0: triggered GONZ0: actually so mad GONZ0: oh GONZ0: legit tho GONZ0: now GONZ0: %%% GONZ0: you are so salty GONZ0: on a normal game GONZ0: Deadass getting triggered over a game GONZ0: how? GONZ0: NICE DUDE! GONZ0: gj legit GONZ0: nice e flash vayne! GONZ0: you are such a nice guy GONZ0: damn dude GONZ0: you are doing your job as a member of the community GONZ0: because I used an acronym GONZ0: kiss GONZ0: your GONZ0: sister GONZ0: %%% GONZ0: literally is GONZ0: nice! GONZ0: actually GONZ0: I have had 2 14 day suspensions GONZ0: so it's a perma GONZ0: %%%%%% GONZ0: get %%%%ed GONZ0: %%%%% boy GONZ0: I wanna get banned GONZ0: %%%%%% GONZ0: %%%%%% GONZ0: %%%%%% GONZ0: there's no turning back GONZ0: I'm bannewd GONZ0: yes GONZ0: im free GONZ0: I don't have to play this game anymore GONZ0: YI GONZ0: RUN GONZ0: gg GONZ0: ez GONZ0: ban me
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