Blocking a toxic player and I'm still matched with him?!?

Dear Rito, we've taken many many many MANY shitty hits when it comes to this game *ahem ping mute where?* But this is just stupid. Why can't you make blocking a toxic player who has ruined your game, flamed and intentionally made the game a loss, unable to be matched with you ever again. Doesn't happen to often but when it does it's tilting for many games ahead and it's annoying. Ezreal mid who went berserk flaming everyone and feeding, spamming and spam-pinging *again, ping mute where?????*. Muted, reported and blocked after the game. Next game guess who slithered in again, flaming in lobby and during game. And if I want to dodge and not play with him I HAVE TO LOSE POINTS RITO WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR STUPID FACES?!?!?! Give back timer restriction and get rid of the point loss system when you dodge. DOn't give me that bullshit that you encourage co-operation.
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