ARAM is my favorite yet my most tilting mode to play for the following reason

**Hello **my fellow LOLers I've been playing ARAM exclusively non-stop for a long time. I really enjoy a lot of games but also tilt so hard in many other games. Because of the one sided nature of the mode. and I think I know why, People who dodge ARAMs are the reason. RIOT should do something about them. When you queue for an ARAM game you accept to get a random champion meaning you shouldn't dodge because you got a bad champion you play it out yes you might not do well but it will guarantee balance in my opinion. Yes not all games are going to be balanced but i'm sure many will be. The fix is easy but RIOT needs to listen to us . Basically you will get the same champion everytime you queue to ARAM meaning it is pointless to dodge. This in my opinion would be the best way to balance this mode. no need to nerf or buff any champions as long as people actually play the mode the way it supposed to be played. **Thanks **for having the time to read my suggestions Please support this topic so Riot can see it. We all are going to benefit from this especially people who love this mode.
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