What can I do when my adc needs babysitting?

I'm mostly playing support, and I've had several games where my adc basically forbade me to roam. Support is a role where you have to find a balance between roaming and helping other lanes, and being on your own lane. But I'm experiencing stuff like this: The enemy botlane isn't on botlane because they just recalled, I start roaming to mid while my adc is farming, and he's pinging the hell out of me to come back. I manage to help out midlane and get a kill for them, the adc is flaming me why I'm not on my lane and why I'm supporting the midlaner instead of him (when literally the enemy botlane isn't even there and he's just farming), and each time I move further than the bushes next to botlane because I see that the enemy jungler is on topside, so I can get some deep wards in their jungle, the adc starts crying and flaming. And then he engages 1v2 while I'm warding, and starts blaming me for dying. Other thing that tends to happen is that the first bot tower goes down, the enemy botlane goes mid, and I also go mid to help the midlaner defend the tower 2v3 (he'd get dove trying to defend it 1v3). The same thing happens, the adc keeps spamming me with pings. So in situations like this, should I hold the adc's hand all game long and totally funnel vision to botlane the same way he does, or should I keep on roaming when I see a good opportunity and let him blame me nonstop? {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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