When riot uses to much robot systems

Riot pls, I recently created a discussion regarding some event from "riot" which appeared to be fake. In my post i said 3 to 4 times that this was not my link, and that opening the link was at own risk. I also asked for someone to confirm that this was actaully riot's webpage. After all this riot still deletes my post saying it was "Spamming" and "Attempting to scam my fellow players" Riot really needs to stop using robots for this and make actual people judge over these kind of posts. And incase a riot employee was the one deleting my post. You might want to reconsider what falls under "Spamming" and "attempting to scam my fellow players" http://imgur.com/mTMOVt1 Best Regards, DitryNecro {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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