Thought I Could Handle It

Hi everyone. I started playing LoL very recently, but I was having a lot of fun until today. When my friends told me to be careful because the community could be really harsh I thought "Well of course! There are mean people online, but thats just what they are, mean strangers". All my friends are in way higher levels so when I was playing a game today I just wanted to keep out of their way and focus on pushing, but this guy just started saying the most horrible things, all because I was just going bot because it's where I feel most comfortable right now. I don't have practice with these types of players so I was responding nicely, that I was new and was doing my best. He ended up making us lose on porpoise because he said I didn't deserve to win. I've suffered from bullying and cyberbullying before and just brought some memories back, so as you can tell it affected me a lot to the point where I decided to stick with bots for awhile from now on until I develop some thicker skin. Does anyone have some tips on how to deal with these players and how not to irritate them further so I don't hurt the rest of my team? Thank you for listening to me.
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